Kids Yoga and Workshops


40 Days to Personal Revolution

led by Andrea Beane

"Baptiste Institute’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution is a breakthrough program to radically change your body and awaken the sacred within your soul. Through yoga, meditation, diet and personal inquiry, you are given the tools to set yourself free to live the healthful life you have always imagined. Tapping into ancient wisdom and his own personal experience, Baron Baptiste has created a relevant and practical program that will lead you home to mental clarity, lightness of body and illumination of spirit that comes with whole-life health"

COMMIT to:  6 days of yoga practice per week (5 at Prema and 1 at home practice as in Baron's book) 

Meditation twice a day, building from 5 minutes to 20.

Self Inquiry: Each week you will delve into Baron's book and answer questions that will be transforming. 

Nutritional Guidance by Certified Health Coach, Emily Light of The Sustainable Body Project. Emily will offer nutrition based education and support for how to prioritize self care during your journey. 

Weekly meetings at Prema. 10:45 Wed mornings OR 6:15pm on Tuesday nights. 

Email access to Andrea Beane and a FB group

Everyone in the program will get a Buddy to keep you on track, motivated and cheer you on.

Investment: $225 which includes unlimited yoga classes for the duration of the program. OR $50 Investment for monthly auto-renew members 

You will need to purchase your own copy of Baron's best-selling book. 40 Days to Personal Revolution and journal.

*please let us know about any schedule obstacles.